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  • Procedure


Part one

     Our work is in three phases i.e. accepting the commission, receiving the relevant materials, primary review and evaluation, declaring for product inspection,acquiring the inspection report and applying to Ministry of Health (After both sides signing contract and by which the deputy charges is paid,formal procedure would be started in 24 hours.)

    The First Phase:accepting the commission,receiving the relevant materials, primary review and evaluation

  • The clients should provide us the document listed below(either in electronic version or literature)

  *(1) The Chinese and English names of the products(It is suggested that both names in Chinese and English should be registered in Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry & Commerce(SAIC), People’s Republic of China.We could deputize to registerthem for the client with agency fee 2500 RMB for each piece, after signing the deputy agreementof names registration.);
 *(2) Product Formula (The ingredients should be described by INCIidentical with the label in thepackage.);
  (3) For special-purpose cosmetic products, it should provide with the related data of effective ingredients, usage basis and inspection methods for effective ingredients;
  (4) Manufacture Technology and Diagram ;
  (5) Product Quality Standard ( company standard );
 *(6) Package Integrity;
 *(7) Product Instruction ( Chinese version is necessary. We could translate for the client ,if required.);
  (8) The client should submit the proxy for application.
  (9) Evidence documents of permission to produce and sale in the country or the region of origin.
  (10) Inspection and Quarantine Document of mad cow disease in epidemic region

Remark :Documents with *,should be provided as soon as possible. The rest would be provided according to our recommendation of relevant formula during the application.

2.Primary examination and evaluation

    We would primarily examine and evaluate above document in 4 steps as following and give suggestions to our clients in ten work days and be ready to start subsequent deputy processes while receiving response or permission of them.
  (1)Estimate the preciseness and legitimacy of denomination and classification of product;
 (2)Identify of normalization and validity of effective ingredients in the product formula;.
 (3)Present the compensatory data or evidential ingredient and request for product formula;.
 (4)Define the non-conformability with the application requirements and suggest the relevant modification and show the required format;.

Remarks:(1)After evaluation, the client should pay 30 % of the total consultant fees if products are invalid due to the non-conformability with the standards or the cooperation is terminated abnormally by the client;(2) The client should provide us relevant documents in recommended format to our company by EMS in 30 work days after primary evaluation ensuring that the following procedure would be put in order.

    The Second Phase:the sample inspection and acquiring for inspection result report.
 1.The client should provide applied products in right quantity required by the Ministry of Health after receiving the primary evaluation report ..
 2.After receiving the products, we would make the application documents of inspection and submit the product to inspection authorities assigned by Ministry of Health in 3 work days..
 3.After receiving inspection invoice from inspection authority, we would hand over it (copy )to the client in 48 hours together with the inspection request form(copy) and notice of acceptance (copy ) by FAX or E-MAIL and notify the client to reply with confirmation.. The notice would be automatically confirmed by us in case of no response from the client after 5 days or more..
 4.Our project managers would report the process document to chief officers of client for 2-3 times in various phrases through phone or letters..
 5.Our company would get the inspection report in appropriate time appointed in the notice of the authorities. (The time limit would be correspondingly relayed in case of failure of receiving the report due to the postpone of inspection office.).
Remarks:.The client should pay 40% of the consultant fees in case that the client decide to quit its application becausethe invalid inspection results according to the regularities of the cosmetic review..

commissions make a new application by improving the product pay for the inspection. We would offer the reapplication service without any consultant fees..

    The Third phase:submit the application document to Ministry of Health.
 1.After receiving the certificate of the inspected products, we would submit the complete application documents and the product samples to Ministry of Health in 7 work days.
 2.We would advise the client with any problems reviewed by the Ministry of Health examination committee and provide the relevant solution in literature for review of the committee ..

Part two 

     We request for sanitary permission document and send to the client. Our company would notify the client with the copy of the sanitary approval document in 48 hours after reception. The client would correspondingly complete the rest of the consultant fees in 7 working days. . We would send the approval documents through EMS after we receive the all payment in 3 working days..
    We would guaranty to offer free review agency services for the client after 4 years of expiry for its the approved product.. Remark:We would recognize that the approval possession would be automatically owned by us in case of no any payment sent to us in 60 days and the approval would be correspondingly treated by ourselves.

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